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        1. Service Telephone:4001016682

          Hotline: 0086-29-88951044 E-mail: info@sciphar.com

          Sciphar:welcome you!

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          Sciphar: GMP quality management system during the whole production process,Quick response and fastest delivery.welcome to visit the guide in Xi'an.

          1.12-21/Provincial and municipal leaders visited Shaanxi S    2.12-21/Sciphar products show on 2017 FIC China Internatio    3.12-21/Shaanxi Sciphar ?health products show in the 77th   

          About sciphar

                Since2006, SCIPHAR? has been a global leader in the manufacture andsourcing of natural derived ingredients for the dietary supplement, functionalfoods and beverage industries. Its name is a perfect combination of Science andPharmaceuticals, which symbolized SCIPHAR?’s Value:To source health and wellness fromnature in a scientific way!

          WHY SCIPHAR?
          • Sciphar

            Sciphar products show on 2017 FIC China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition

          • Shaanxi

            Shaanxi Sciphar ?health products show in the 77th Wuhan API

          • Shaanxi

            Shaanxi Sciphar health products show in the 77th Wuhan API

          • 2017

            2017 "Sciphar Cup" China · Central Qinling Cycling League

          • Shaanxi

            Shaanxi Sciphar participated 2017 Vitafoods Asia Exhibition in Singapore

          • 2017

            2017 US Ingredient MarketPlace Shaanxi Sciphar show fruitful results

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          Shaanxi Sciphar Natural Products Co.,Ltd

          Address:anmetropolis C3102, No. 3 Tangyan Road , xi'an , shaanxi


          Hotline: 0086-29-88951044

          Fax: 0086-029-88605671

          E-mail: info@sciphar.com

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